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Rental of your home
Garden & pool
Works and Maintenance

You are owner of property in the Luberon area or you are going to purchase one ?

If you are interested let’s meet in order for me to propose my services.
I would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.



A trustworthy person on the spot will be your single point of contact facilitating all administrative procedures.

My promises: reactivity, receptiveness, discretion.


Assistance to future owners

You want to purchase a property in the Luberon area ?

Let me help you: market exploration, financing, contracts, notary, administrative issues.


Renovation / maintenance

We offer a range of services that ensure that your property will always be well-kept and welcoming, and that you will have a peaceful stay.
As your exclusive partner on the spot, we propose quality of necessary work to be done in your by choosing reputable and competent companies and workmen for you.


Letting / rentals

For those who are interested in letting their property during the tourist season in summer (or longer),
I offer to cope with all inherent aspects : editing of adverts and rental contracts, preparation of your property for rentals, meet & greet renters upon arrival and departure.
You would like to spend yourself a holiday in our beautiful region ?
Have a look in the “Rentals” section !!
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